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What a fun day this is going to be…

Last night my husband saw something on the floor, it was my cat’s canine tooth. I automatically panicked. My poor baby, he can’t tell me he’s in pain and now a trip to the vet. The place he hates most, not to mention he hates being in the car too. Last time we went to the vet (5 years ago, he’s an inside cat so i really don’t see much point spending loads of money on things he doesn’t need) he was so out of control they had to wear huge brown gloves up to their elbows and when that didn’t work they had to sedate him. With no one to watch my 12 month old I will have her in tow. I’m kinda hoping that its been so long and it’s a new vet he won’t be so bad… Please :-/

Kennedy’s One!

Happy Birthday Kennedy! A whole entire year has gone by since you were born, how amazing is that? Yesterday was your birthday and what a great day it was.

I wanted to start a tradition with you that hopefully we will be able to do every year and that’s going out to breakfast. We made it out yesterday in the rain to this little cafe in town. We shared banana bread french toast, (it was sooo yummy!) turkey sausage, and a scrambled egg with cheddar cheese. After I let you look out the window and walk around, you had such a blast! Daddy had work, but when he got home we gave you your present a Doc Mcstuffin Dr kit and you played with it all night! We also got you this really awesome princess castle, but I think Blink liked it more than you! 


This month you learned so many things, it’s quite amazing how many things you can do now and how much of a little person you are becoming! I even looked at you this morning, the morning after your birthday and I feel like you look like a big kid now! It makes me so happy, but a little sad because well I really don’t know. You will always be my daughter, but you will grow up and not be my baby anymore. I will miss these days. 

Anyway, this month you started walking! You can now clap your hands and when I ask you where’s your head?, where’s your toes? you pat your head and touch your toes! (so cute!) 

I decorated the house for your birthday with some homemade banners and when you woke up from your nap one day after I put them up I showed you them and said “it’s almost your birthday! It’s almost your birthday” and clapped and put my hands up. Now when I say anything with the word birthday you walk into the kitchen and look at the banners! (Oh my gosh how cute?!) 

You now look and come to me when you get hurt, you drink out of a sippy cup with a straw and a kids cup with a straw. You still eat really well, this month we tired- 

  • cheese and broccoli quesadilla
  • taco meat
  • corn
  • split pea soup
  • turkey
  • peanut butter 
  • doughnuts

You now like eggs if I make them with cheese and you eat Mama’s cereal sometimes!

This month you had your very first cold :-( then Mama caught it and then Daddy caught it. You came down with it on Christmas eve so you weren’t to excited on Christmas. We had a great day though and spent it with all of our family. You also had your first stomach bug! You got this a couple days after New Years, Aunt Patty and cousin Katie also got it so I’m assuming that’s where you got it, Mama and Daddy didn’t catch that one from you thank goodness. 

Your temper is coming out more and more! When you get mad now you bite things or bang your head against the wall. I try to ignore it as best I can, but I still tell you that you are going to hurt yourself if you do that. You get mad when you don’t get what you want, when you step on something and it hurts, or when something just makes you mad. I know it can be frustrating being a baby and I just tell you “it’s ok to get mad, it will be ok”. 

You are just who you are and even though “you really where me out, but I love you anyway” (Olivia book reference lol) I couldn’t imagine my life without you and I love love love you so very much! 

Love you always,


Isn’t this what it’s for?

Isn’t this what it’s for?


Sometimes I fear that no matter how hard I try to be a good mother Kennedy will still grow up to hate me. Nothing has come easy with her, everything is always a fight. From getting her diaper changed to eating to going to the store. I guess a lot of kids hate those things tho right? I think sometimes all I do is make her do things she doesn’t want to do like eat oatmeal, you can’t just eat pancakes you need the iron in the oatmeal baby. Getting your diaper changed is to help you avoid getting diaper rash on your sensitive tush! These things become fights that are so draining day in and day out and with kicking and screaming its become less and less fun. I’m trying to stay relaxed… I’m trying. I know a lot has to do with my parents and how I have many many issues with them, I have to remember to stay separate and know that I’m not my parents, it’s just hard sometimes.
We’ve also all been sick in the household, which hasn’t been fun. Kennedy started acting super crabby last Monday and was sick by Christmas. We felt so bad, her first cold and on Christmas. She was so out of it. She still has a cough but seems better, still crabby. I had 102 fever early Friday morning, but I’m feeling a lot better now.

No shame.

Yes I totally used the TV and high hair as a babysitter when I took a ten minute shower this morning. Problems of a late sleeping baby, most likely means no morning nap.

P.s. so excited to go to my Aunts this weekend and celebrate Christmas with them and Kennedy! She’s going to have so much fun :-)

Happy 11 months!

I swear I can see you changing into a toddler right in front of my eyes. It’s truly crazy how things have changed in just 11 months.

This month we celebrated Daddy’s birthday and Thanksgiving. We went to Aunt Bonnie’s house and later after your second nap went to Aunt Terry’s house. You had a great day and did a really good job staying awake for most of the day.

We put up a small Christmas tree this year on top of our little end table so you can’t knock it over or play with it. We just found it easier than telling you not to touch the big tree all the time. You like all the lights and love all the musical Christmas things we have up. We had our first snow of the season and you loved it! I brought you outside to see the snow and picked some up for you and you put it right in your mouth! We met Santa and you weren’t too fond of him when he started talking to you. The only picture Mommy got was you crying, but that’s a classic picture and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You are still a good napper, taking two naps a day. One in the morning around 8:30 and one around 1:30. Bedtime is around 7:30 and you wake up anywhere from 6-7, usually on the earlier side.

You pretty much eat everything now. You tried a candy cane during your Christmas pictures and oh boy were you hyper after that! I can’t really think of anything you don’t like to eat. You love my cooking so that makes me happy :-) I have been putting some cows milk with your formula and sometimes just in a cup and you love it so I don’t think we will have any problem stopping formula next month. I’m trying to find the right cup for you to drink from so we can stop the bottle, but with a bottle I know you are getting enough liquids. Unlike with a cup you only drink a little or spit it out… not to sure how we are going to do this.

Love you baby girl <3

Thank heaven for nap time :-)

Thank heaven for nap time :-)

Last night a friend and I went to a painting pottery place! I had so much fun, but find it hard to pick one thing to paint and how to decorate it. I want to go back and paint more, it was a great way to destress. They also have a mommy and me painting I would like to do. Not sure how Kennedy would like it, but could be a mommy date with a friend!

My Love.

My Love.

Happy 10 months Baby girl!

10 months! You are growing into a toddler before my eyes and I stop and try to take in every moment with you as you are because I know soon enough you will be going off to college! Well not so soon, but sometimes it seems like life just moves so fast. I want to cherish everything with you.

This month was full of lots of fun! You had your first Halloween and I’m pretty sure you had a good time, I know I did. We played in the leaves, you love the leaves! You even found one this morning by daddy’s side of the bed that he must have brought in with his shoes and you had it clenched in your fist as you crawled away, knowing I would take it from you. If you didn’t try and eat it I would let you play with it all day, next year my friend. 

We’ve gone on a lots of walks and enjoyed all the beautiful colors and the cool air. I think you will love fall just as much as I do when you get bigger. 

This month was full of lots of visitors! Michaila came to visit for the day and went to little gym with us. You seemed to have some stranger anxiety with her, but after a while you were playing nice with her. We went to Great Grandpa’s house and I was happy to bring you there again. That is where I spent a lot of my childhood and it’s nice to see you there. We had Aunt Bon come and watch you a couple times, once while Mommy was working and another when Daddy and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. We went out to lunch with Aunt Bon at it’s Greek to Me and you ate pita and hummus and you even liked a very strong pitted olive! (I bit you off a tiny piece) You didn’t even make a face! Daddy and I don’t know where you came from with your food preference, because Daddy still won’t eat things you eat and when I was little all I ate was grilled cheese and salami and cheese.

Other foods you have tried this month and liked-

  • Homemade beef and barley soup, you loved it!
  • Creamy black beans with cilantro
  • Cut up chicken
  • Spanish rice
  • Veggie burgers
  • Shepards pie

Things you’re not to fond of-

  • Bananas
  • Pineapple and Banana (I’m going to try pineapple with something different)
  • Broccoli and potato soup

I’m sure there are more foods it’s just so hard to keep track because you really do eat anything I eat. As soon as you see me sit down with a bowl or plate you come crawling over and want some! I love sharing with you and the fact that you like all different things and my cooking, so I don’t mind.

You also started cruising this month. You started doing it on the couch and you do it really well at little gym by the wooden bench.

I’m getting excited for Christmas with you because you get so excited when we get a box of anything. You want to open it and I think you are going to have fun opening your presents on Christmas.

You are a very big whiner nowadays. You have a very strong personality that is sometimes hard for me to deal with, but I’m trying my best. We had to get a baby gate for into the kitchen because it makes me nervous that you may fall and hit your head on the tile. You don’t like the fact that I may be in the kitchen making your bottle or washing my hands after I changed your diaper and you stand and whine and fake cry. That’s ok you get over it. 

At little gym you want nothing to do with me tho haha it’s quite funny. You just crawl off and do your own thing and you don’t want to do the exercises. You get mad when we have to go to something new and take a ball or shaker away. I understand they’re fun, but sometimes we have to put things away and try new things. 

You’ve started to wave and I think you are trying to say Daddy because I watch your mouth and you are trying very hard to say the word. You kind of say stop by putting your right hand up. You gave me two kisses the other day. You understand when we tell you “good job” and when we tell you “don’t touch”. You know Blink’s name when I ask you where he is you look for him. You started to crawl over to me and stand holding on to my legs to be picked up.

You are down to two naps the past couple of weeks, for a week or two before that you were taking three again. You decided to bite on your railing last week and it looked like a beaver attacked it! I had to tie a receiving blanket along the railing so you wouldn’t keep doing that. 

You are one crazy kid, but I love you more then anything!

Love Love Love you!

Love, Mama